Bredon School Launches Ukraine Appeal

Posted: 3rd March 2022

At Bredon School we have been deeply moved by the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. The ongoing violence is causing people to flee their homes and become separated from families. Helping families that have become displaced, Bredon School is reaching out and acting now by arranging a collection of emergency supplies, to help those in crisis.

We will be setting up a donation station in Pull Court from Monday 7th March 2022 and taking donations from parents, pupils, members of the local community and staff. This will be open every day for the remainder of term. Bredon School is then financing transport to take the much needed supplies from school directly to the Polish border, so that the vital items and medical supplies can be delivered right to the heart of the crisis.

Please find a list of items that we are accepting, all donations will be greatly received:

First Aid – can be out of date but must be new, sealed and sterile.
Steri strips / Butterfly closures
Sterile Gauze – any size
Dressings – large surgical / trauma grade but heavy duty plasters too.
Bandages – crepe and conforming.
Antiseptic creams – Savlon for example but there are supermarket brands.
Any syringes or needles.
Dextrose tablets
Water purifying tablets
Survival blankets
Clean blankets
New thermals
Sanitary products
Power banks
Charging wires
Anything related to diabetic care except insulin (too difficult to transport at right temperature).

We will be releasing further details as the campaign develops. We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

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